Free mobile audio guide "Walking through Polotsk Historical Centre" is available in English now

In March 2021, Polotsk National Historical and Cultural Museum-Reserve launched a free audio guide "Walking through Polotsk Historical Centre" in Russian. The next step was the development of the Belarusian version, which was published in August 2021.

So far, more than 5,000 people have used the audio guide.

The audio guide is hosted on the izi.TRAVEL platform. To access it, install the application on your smartphone and open the tour. You can launch it online using the mobile Internet, or pre-download the tour to your phone and run it on the spot offline. You can also choose the audio guide language — Russian, Belarusian or English.

To listen to the mobile audio guide, you don’t need any additional devices, maps or guides — the entire audio guide fits in your smartphone.

Stories play automatically as you approach the corresponding tour points, which can be passed in any order. At the same time, the recording plays in the background mode, and you can use your smartphone for other purposes: taking pictures of sights, making videos, etc.

In addition, you are not limited in time: you can start the audio guide at any time convenient for you, make a stop to go to a museum, souvenir shop or cafe.

To download the audio guide “Walking through Polotsk Historical Centre”, follow the link.