Boris Boravsky: to the 130th anniversary

B.A. Boravsky was born in 1891 in Russia. He studied at the medical university, but did not have time to pass the exams. During the First World War, he was drafted into the army. Voluntarily joined the Red Army and was appointed head of the epidemiological unit to combat typhus. From there he was transferred to the western borders. In 1922, in Polotsk, Boris Anatolyevich was appointed head of the therapeutic department of the People's Hospital. He worked 12-14 hours a day. In his free time, he was engaged in self-education, reading various specialized medical journals. 1941 B.A. Boravsky was awarded the title "Honored Doctor of the BSSR". Returning to Polotsk in the second half of the 1940s, B.A. Boravsky continued his medical practice. He helped novice specialists in mastering the profession, and also was engaged in writing an analytical work "Medicine in literature and art", which he completed in 1950. He passed away in the summer of 1951 and was buried at the Red Cemetery in Polotsk. The Museum of Local Lore exhibits materials dedicated to the life and work of this wonderful person. They were given to the museum by the daughter of B.A. Boravsky - Elena Borisovna, who continued the work of her father.