130 years of Lutheran church of Polotsk!

On the 18th of December, 2018 Lutheran Church of Polotsk marks 130 years since its opening. To this day written sources have been preserved that can tell about this event. In the report of the Polotsk police chief, they described in detail all the events that took place on the 18th of December, 1888. At 10:00 am, pastors from Vitebsk, Dinaburg, Orel and Smolensk, together with Polotsk parishioners, gathered for a farewell sermon in the former prayer house. Then, the sacred gifts and the Gospel were transferred to the new church, they performed a divine service in German (Orlovsky pastor Altgausen), and then in Latin (Vitebsk pastor Carrolin).

After the service, at 16:00 pm, a solemn dinner was held at the private women's hostel of V. Rulkovius, which was attended by members of the church council, pastors, as well as persons who participated in the construction of the church. Officially the church was opened on the 18th of December, 1888 and lit in honor of St. Mary.

In honor of this event, on the official pages of the Museum of Local Lore on social networks vk.com and facebook.com we introduced our followers to the history of Lutheranism in Polotsk. For photographers whose lenses were aimed at this architectural monument, a photo contest was held. In a solemn atmosphere in the walls of the Polotsk St. Sophia Cathedral, the winners of the competition received the prizes.

We hope that in the future the Lutheran church will attract the attention of both Polochans and guests of our city!