Recent Acquisitions

The museum collection of the Polotsk National Historical and Cultural Museum-Reserve includes 108,512  museum objects, 82,028 of them are objects of the primary fund (by 1 January 2019). The museum's fund is subdivided into collections 35 in number (painting, drawing, sculpture, decorative arts, glass, porcelain, weapons, clothing, furniture, old printed books, manuscripts, documents, printed editions, photo and phono materials, etc.). The biggest collections are: collection of numismatics, archaeological collection, collection of photo documents, and collection of printed editions.

The museum's funds increase on the average by over 2000 objects annually through the purchase, gift, transfer to the museum collection, some of the materials are collected during the expeditions or archaeological excavations.

Newly acquired museum objects don’t get on display immediately, they are subjected to inventory, scientific study, restoration or conservation... Therefore, on this website we introduce you to the most interesting recent acquisitions before they will be placed in the halls of our museums.